NUF’s business is organized into three practices.

Core Networking

The core networking practice carries out all activities related to routing and switching. This practice is comprised of experienced service provider network engineers with a broad and deep knowledge of all areas of network topology, scaling, performance engineering, and resiliency design.

Examples of services performed by the core networking practice include:

  • Network assessments (L1-L4)
  • Data center design and architecture
  • Route policy design and optimization
  • Basic IP routing and switching configuration (e.g., branch or small office)
  • Complex IP routing and switching configuration (e.g. many branches, DMVPN, L2/L3VPN)
  • MPLS
  • IPv6 Migration and Transition Technologies


Our wireless practice is comprised of individuals who have a solid knowledge of RF and wireless propagation design. We are capable of handling engagements including fixed wireless, point to multipoint, 3G/4G/5G, wifi (including large scale wifi) and hybrid deployments.

Examples of service performed by the wireless practice include:

  • Propagation mapping (heat and otherwise)
  • Complex RF environment design (e.g., manufacturing floor or warehouse space)
  • Wifi controller configuration, architecture, and engineering
  • Retail wifi deployments (shopping centers)
  • Hotel wifi deployments
  • Tower climbing, equipment placement and cabling
  • 802.1x

Security and Virtualization

Our security and virtualization practice covers many areas not traditionally handled by our Core Networking or Wireless practices. NUF’s security architects are fully qualified on a full range of offensive and defensive technologies and have experience in incident management as well as architecture and implementation. NUF’s virtualization architects are typically certified in their focus area, with a broad range of experience in complex data center, storage, networking, and compute architectures.

Examples of services performed by the S&V practice include:

  • Web application firewall deployment and configuration
  • Application audits
  • Red teaming and penetration tests
  • Blue teaming and exercise design
  • Forensics
  • Reverse engineering
  • VMware, Xen, or KVM design and architecture
  • Kubernetes, Docker, or other LXC design and architecture
  • Container networking
  • Openstack
  • Application delivery controller configuration
  • vMotion Deployment
  • Virtualization orchestration
  • Big data (Hadoop, Spark, Parquet, etc)
  • Network and systems automation (YANG, Netconf, Ansible)