IETF 99 Day 2 News of Interest

At the current IETF meeting this week, there are, as always, a lot of interesting presentations, in addition to the usual spirited debate about the details of evolving standards (4291bis, I’m looking at you!).

Here are a few of the more interesting items I’ve seen over the first two days:

  • IPv6 continued deployment progress
    • IPv6 global deployment has been quietly but steadily growing, and assuming some likely growth trends, we could expect to see 50% of eyeball networks v6-enabled in the next couple of years. We’re at almost 20% globally and over 35% in the US now, so the “early adopter” period is clearly past, and IPv6 needs to be a part of any network’s plans. IPv6 deployment projection
      (Graph courtesy of Eric Vyncke and Google).
  • IPv6 Reliability
  • BGP communities updates

There’s a ton of other interesting topics of course, these are just a handful of the most immediately relevant ones. If you get as excited about RFCs as we do, maybe we’ll see you at future IETF meetings…