Our approach to engagements is structured around customer satisfaction. We believe that unless the customer is completely happy, our business cannot be successful. To that end, for every customer, we truly want to understand what value they hope to get out of our services.


Our engagement process is designed to insure successful engagements. First, we meet with our customer and identify stakeholders and understand, from the customer’s perspective, what “success” looks like. Our goal is to then complete the engagement activities in a timely and efficient manner, an approach designed to minimize the frustration often felt by customers in employing consultants. We present regular reports to customers on engagement process designed by experienced project managers, with a high ratio of signal to noise. Following our engagements, customers are polled on their satisfaction with our consultants, providing us clear feedback and helping us commit to our values.


NUF has a great deal of flexibility when structuring our statements of work to our customers. Most of our engagements are “fixed price” engagements where the customer pays a flat fee for the completion of work, no matter how many engineers, architects, or resources are engaged. This allows the customer to de-risk their expenditure by limiting costs for time spent waiting on customer needs or doing out of scope work.