We've been designing and engineering IPv6 networks since 2008, including planning, deployment, migration and optimization.  To that end, we have significant IPv6 experience in service provider, government and enterprise environments, and we are Certified v6 Network Engineers (Gold Level) as well. Below is an infographic we created illustrating the importance of IPv6 planning this year, as IPv6 addresses from ARIN's free pool will likely be exhausted by the end of this year.

IPv6 Migration Landscape and Challenges, and IPv4 Exhaustion Timeline for 2014

However, with the impending depletion of IPv4, coupled with the low rate of IPv6 adoption to date, resources to migrate your network to IPv6 will become increasingly scare as the end of 2014 approaches (see infographic below), so please contact us to start planning.

We also provide on-site, hands-on IPv6 training certification, and custom v6 training as well, including:
  • ARIN, RIPE and AFRINIC address requests
  • addressing architecture
  • addressing management
  • deployment
  • configuration
  • DNS
  • migration planning
  • routing/switching
  • security
  • multicast
  • dual-stack, 6to4 and ISATAP
  • failover
  • optimization and best practices
  • troubleshooting
  • IPv4 address utilization and monetization
Below is a brochure on one of our IPv6 training modules. Alternatively, we can create custom-tailored, hands-on training at your location to meet you and your team's specific needs. To learn more about how our proven network architects can help with your IPv6 initiatives, please email us: IPv6@netuf.net. You can also view some of our articles on IPV6.