Tweets from the 2014 Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit

Saturday, March 29, 2014

If you missed the 2014 Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit this week in Dallas, below are a few Tweets from the conference. Note, it's only a sampling, and Twitter usage was low considering the outstanding list of speakers and presentations, but two key comments from Rich Jimmerson of ARIN were surprising, and should give network operators pause.
  • Largest IPv4/IPv6 dual stack deployment is in Germany - via @Latifv6
  • Dr. Anthony Rutkowski - the Internet is disappearing and moving toward NFV/SDN - via @Latifv6
  • ARIN has received requests for "very large" blocks of IPv4 space in the past couple of weeks - via @JimmRich (look for an announcement as early as this coming week)
  • Each organization needs an IPv6 plan - via @JimmRich
  • In the coming months to a year ARIN may turn down requests for IPv4 addresses; submit requests sooner than later - via @JimmRich (may begin as early as this coming week)
  • IPv6 privacy issues and concerns are also not trivial for the Internet of Things and legal frameworks will need to be constructed - via @vgcerf
  • IPv6 sensors provide potential for local municipalities to share information regionally and nationally - via @vgcerf
  • IPv6 will help cities become smart by becoming more aware through sensors, from government transportation to water use - via @vgcerf

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