Low IPv6 Traffic and Content Myth Debunked

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If you're considering migrating your network to support IPv6, the graphs below may provide insight into the amount of v6 traffic your network could experience this year. As you can see, these charts reflect current, IPv6 and IPv4 traffic, as well as historical v4 and v6 traffic (approximately the last 9 months) for the City of Douglasville - a free, IPv6 enabled, municipal WiFi network we built last year.

Conclusion: the "waiting for IPv6 traffic and content" myth is debunked - non-trivial, production IPv6 traffic is here, and we expect it will continue to climb as ARIN's IPv4 free pool is exhausted around the end of this year - begin IPv6 migration planning today.

Inbound IPv6 traffic

Outbound IPv6 traffic

IPv6 traffic percentage

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