Tweets from the 2014 Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit

Saturday, March 29, 2014

If you missed the 2014 Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit this week in Dallas, below are a few Tweets from the conference. Note, it's only a sampling, and Twitter usage was low considering the outstanding list of speakers and presentations, but two key comments from Rich Jimmerson of ARIN were surprising, and should give network operators pause.
  • Largest IPv4/IPv6 dual stack deployment is in Germany - via @Latifv6
  • Dr. Anthony Rutkowski - the Internet is disappearing and moving toward NFV/SDN - via @Latifv6
  • ARIN has received requests for "very large" blocks of IPv4 space in the past couple of weeks - via @JimmRich (look for an announcement as early as this coming week)
  • Each organization needs an IPv6 plan - via @JimmRich
  • In the coming months to a year ARIN may turn down requests for IPv4 addresses; submit requests sooner than later - via @JimmRich (may begin as early as this coming week)
  • IPv6 privacy issues and concerns are also not trivial for the Internet of Things and legal frameworks will need to be constructed - via @vgcerf
  • IPv6 sensors provide potential for local municipalities to share information regionally and nationally - via @vgcerf
  • IPv6 will help cities become smart by becoming more aware through sensors, from government transportation to water use - via @vgcerf

How to Plan and Conduct IPv6 Field Trials

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Below is our presentation from today's discussion at the 2014 Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit. Feel free to use the comment field to post a question.

Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit

Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit
If you're attending the Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit today or tomorrow, drop by our table to discuss v6 migration planning, testing and implementation. You can also catch Brandon's presentation on v6 field trials today at 1pm.

Low IPv6 Traffic and Content Myth Debunked

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If you're considering migrating your network to support IPv6, the graphs below may provide insight into the amount of v6 traffic your network could experience this year. As you can see, these charts reflect current, IPv6 and IPv4 traffic, as well as historical v4 and v6 traffic (approximately the last 9 months) for the City of Douglasville - a free, IPv6 enabled, municipal WiFi network we built last year.

Conclusion: the "waiting for IPv6 traffic and content" myth is debunked - non-trivial, production IPv6 traffic is here, and we expect it will continue to climb as ARIN's IPv4 free pool is exhausted around the end of this year - begin IPv6 migration planning today.

Inbound IPv6 traffic

Outbound IPv6 traffic

IPv6 traffic percentage

IPv6 Deployment Reality: begin network migration planning today

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Enterprise Technology
Excellent discussion with John Curran, President & CEO of ARIN, and Brandon Ross about IPv6, and why organizations should begin migration planning today - hosted by Robert Ballecer, and co-hosted by Brian Chee and Curtis Franklin. Note, our IPv6 landscape infographic will help illustrate the discussion.

Highlights include:
This week's show also explores IBM's data analytics strategy, as the company now has over 15K employees, including 400 mathematicians devoted to their Big Data portfolio of products.

The Interop Network: architecting, designing and deploying an evolving network every six months

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Building temporary wired and wireless networks for large trade shows like Interop is a significant challenge - making these networks interoperable between numerous hardware and software vendors, while supporting thousands of users with multiple devices passing large amounts of traffic is remarkable - and that is exactly what the InteropNet team does for each Interop, with limited time and resources. As Glenn Evans stated a few weeks ago, they build it new each time. This is due in part to new hardware, software and technical implementations the team seeks to demonstrate on the network.

To help illustrate the complexity of an Interop deployment, below is an overview of the network for Interop's Las Vegas show in a few weeks, which our CEO and Chief Network Architect, Brandon Ross helped design. Please feel free to post any questions or comments below, and he will respond.
Interop Network Diagram