5 Takeaways on the Present IPv6 Migration Landscape and IPv4 Exhaustion Timeline for 2014 (infographic)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yesterday, we released the below infographic illustrating the present IPv6 migration landscape and challenges, with an IPv4 exhaustion timeline for 2014. While there are a number of takeaways, here are five:
  1. ARIN's IPv4 free pool has been depleting, on average, by approximately 35 million addresses each year since 2011, and as of December 2013, there were only 25 million IPv4 addresses remaining;
  2. Based on historical rates, IPv4 addresses from ARIN's free pool will likely be exhausted by the end of this year;
  3. The percent of IPv6 enabled networks worldwide is less than 20% (17.28%) - in the United States, it's less than 15% (12.90%);
  4. There are very few certified IPv6 network engineers (estimated to be less than 1,800 worldwide); and,
  5. The impending depletion of IPv4 addresses from ARIN's free pool, coupled with the low rate of IPv6 migration in the United States, will drive demand in 2014 for both IPv4 address acquisition, and IPv6 migration from a limited pool of resources. Start planning today.
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IPv6 Migration Landscape and Challenges, and IPv4 Exhaustion Timeline for 2014

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