Network Utility Force joins Open-IX

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

We've been helping companies interconnect to exchange Internet traffic for many years, and we're currently involved with several peering projects for our clients. Unfortunately, selecting Internet exchanges can be challenging, due in part to the lack of openness about pricing and terms, and the lack of uniform specifications for data transfer or physical connectivity, among other shortcomings.

However, Open-IX, a standards community for the improvement of Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and data center interconnection aims to resolve these limitations by creating neutral, member-governed exchanges which will allow entities to trade traffic, and thus, improve interconnection by reducing costs, among other aspects. Not only do we welcome and support the initiatives of Open-IX, but we have become a member to help facilitate this endeavor.

To learn more about Open-IX, view this presentation, or visit the LinkedIn page.

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