Network Utility Force to Assist with Designing, Building and Operating the Interop Network

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Interop, the premier information technology trade show is gearing-up for the Las Vegas show next month. Below are the individuals from InteropNet, including our CEO, Brandon Ross that will design, build and operate the infrastructure which will provide high-speed wired and wireless access for the entire event, utilizing hardware and software from over 25 different vendors.

Brandon Ross - Logical
The logical team lead is responsible for managing switching and routing, and working with applicable hardware vendors with equipment on the network to ensure stability and reliability at the logical level. Duties include internal and external routing, Openflow, Fabric-based networking, VLAN assignments and IP Addressing.

Mark SullivanInfrastructure
The infrastructure team lead is responsible for the overall planning, installation, troubleshooting, and operation of the network cable plant. The key areas of focus include deployment and connectivity of the fiber backbone, interconnect links and copper drops, deployment and connectivity of the fiber backbone, interconnect links and copper drops.

Nicola FoggiSystems and Management/Monitoring
The systems and management/monitoring lead is responsible for the integration and operation of application services within the InteropNet. Services include DNS, RADIUS authentication and VoIP services. Requirements for the role include an understanding of the core network and the design of integrated systems.

Andrew HoyosWireless
The wireless lead is responsible for the integration and operation of all wireless related systems and services within the InteropNet. This includes attendee secured and unsecured access, secured NOC access, secured show management access, an opt-in BYOD demonstration, and the creation of wireless policies.

Gilly Canty-Ross - Troubleshooting
The troubleshooting lead is responsible for coordinating all troubleshooting efforts of the internal network. The troubleshooting lead also works with the network team to ensure that all routing, filters, redundancies, and management functions are in place within the network.

Bill (WEJ) Jensen - Generalist
The generalist lead bridges multiple vendors to pro-actively prevent inter-operation issues, and is knowledgeable and capable to lead or assist in any of the areas of the network.

Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ - Messaging
The messaging lead is responsible for communicating all aspects of InteropNet and its people in any way possible.

Parts of this post originally appeared in Glenn Evans' Network Computing article yesterday. Glenn is the lead network engineer for InteropNet.

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