Software Defined Wireless Mesh Networks

Friday, September 14, 2012

Below is a recent presentation on software defined wireless networks from Peter Dely, a PhD student at Karlstad University in Sweden, concentrating his research on resource management for wireless mesh networks.

Dely submits that by offloading some of the MAC layer processing (non-realtime MAC functionality) to cloud-based virtual machines, and by integrating his CloudMAC architecture with OpenFlow (a software defined networking approach), a new level of flexibility and reconfigurability is reached, which maximizes wireless networks through seamless AP switching, fast packet processing and reduced packet loss.

His motivation for developing CloudMAC includes:
  • AP hardware and software is becoming more complex;
  • managing and configuring large wireless deployments is challenging;
  • current management protocols, such as CAPWAP are limited;
  • no standard, vendor-neutral way to deploy wireless network applications;
  • physical layer is getting faster than low-power APs;
  • CloudMAC is a new wireless architecture for large enterprises and carrier grade wireless networks;
For additional information on CloudMAC, download Dely's research on OpenFlow for Wireless Mesh Networks.

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